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Founded by Activist Mahek Gandhi, almost a decade ago, Bhagyoday Charitable Trust has been doing grass root financial women empowerment of the urban economically weaker section of Mumbai.
The Trust educates, trains and gives an opportunity to over hundred women to supplement their independent and family income by creating handicrafts that are specially designed and marketed by the Trust. Mahek Gandhi truly believes that women empowerment is a continuous dynamic process of creating awareness and capacity building. It is a methodology that gives a woman freedom in decision making.“During the course of empowerment, women must examine their strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats and process forward to uncover their individual potential to attain goals through self-development. Bhagyoday Charitable Trust ensures women are well-organized within themselves and enhance their self-reliance with greater autonomy,” asserts Mahek.
“The economic empowerment of our women is considered as a sine-qua-non of progress for the nation; hence, the economic empowerment of women is of ultimate significance,” adds Saurabh.

The truth is in India, women are differentiated at every level, whether economic, education, healthcare, politics, and social participation. Many women have been found to be economically backward throughout the country. So, they require economic power to stand on their own legs on par with men.
According to the 2011 census, the rate of literacy among men in India is found to be 82.14%, whereas it is only 65.46% among women. Thus, a rise in education needs among women is of ultimate significance in empowerment.Some women don’t have sufficient intake of daily substitutes required for everyday energy needs, hence many women are suffering from nutritional in-deficiencies. Another problem is workplace harassment of women.Due to all the above reasons and more, women need empowerment in every region in order to protect and enjoy the social rights among themselves. The Trust with its office in Kandivali, a Western Suburb of Mumbai has been doing its bit via various activities to bring this social parity.These include creating income opportunities, self defense, providing nutritious lunch, distributing free school books to economically weak girl students,  and celebrating festivals together, among others.The goal of the Trust is simple. Empowerment of women would result in an overall development of society both at the micro and macro level. Active participation of women in economic activities and decisions would contribute towards overall social and economic development of the nation.


Our mission is to strive toward the social advancement of poor people, communities, and groups, mostly in metropolitan India. To save lives, advance equity, and ensure bright futures, we combine local creativity with global perspectives. We give people the tools they need to build a way out of poverty for both themselves and their communities.


Our efforts are intended to end the vicious cycle of social exclusion and poverty and to rekindle hope for a better future. Every person has the right to access resources and opportunities in order to live and develop with dignity and to become an active and contributing member of our society, in our opinion, provided they are given the chance and are fostered.


ON-MARKETING ORIENTED: We do not carry out paid marketing activities. We have no salaries or overheads to pay. Donations are utilised for what it was meant for.
NON-DISCRIMINATORY: We not discriminate in its selection of project activity, on the basis of race, colour, religion, orientation, lifestyle, etc.
NON-POLITICAL/RELIGIOUS: We do not support initiatives or projects that are solely for the benefit of one religious community barring others.
NOT FOR PERSONAL BENEFIT: We keep an ethical firewall. Every project which we support cannot be based on any personal benefit.


To promote the social advancement of less fortunate people and groups in and around Mumbai To promote health and foster the development of healthcare. To support the human rights, particularly those of children and women, and to aid in the integration and financial advancement of poor children, women, and families. To promote charitable giving. To collaborate with people or groups that are already involved in related activities. To gather the necessary financial, human, and other resources to carry out our purpose. To address additional issues, such as those related to women, the environment, socioeconomic factors, and health care